Schools test for heightened levels of lead statewide


SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) The lead and asbestos controversy surrounding the Scranton School District is happening across the commonwealth. The Pennsylvania Department of Education is now making it accessible for the public to locate schools that have or had elevated lead.

Mike Haffner, a grandparent of a Willard Elementary School student expressed some concern over the new report. Monday was the first day back after the school was closed two days last week for lead and asbestos remediation. Willard Elementary is one of 19 buildings in the Scranton School District tested for lead in December.

“If they found out in December and we’re learning about it at the end of January, yeah I think they should be a little more conversive to each other,” Haffner said.

Some of the schools on the list include East Stroudsburg, Bloomsburg, Milton, Jersey Shore and other districts in our region. All failed the Environmental Protection Agency’s lead regulations of 15 parts-per-billion. However, those districts have resolved the issues while Scranton is still working on them, along with asbestos concerns.

“The district has not shared everything that needs to be shared so I can’t communicate to my fourth grader, nine-year-old what the status of her classroom is per say,” said Vivian Williams, a parent of a Frances Willard Elementary School student.

The district’s tested areas which account for hundreds of rooms won’t be listed on the Department of Education’s spreadsheet until next quarter. Below, is the spread sheet which allows parents across Pennsylvania to see if their child’s school has been affected and the results of each school’s remediation plan.

DistrictBuildingDate of TestLow Range (ppb)High Range (ppb)Remediation PlanUpdated Water Quality StatusDate of Remediation Completion 
Cocalico SDHigh School2/26/19 & 3/5/20190.00010.041Flushed and/or replacedPass3/8 & 3/27/2019
Cocalico SDReamstown Elementary 3/5/20190.0070.469Flushed and/or replacedPass3/5, 3/8, & 3/27/2019
Cocalico SDAdamstown Elementary3/22/20190.00010.0222FlushedPass3/27/2019
Allegheny-Clarion Valley SD Elementary School4/19/2019065.8Shut off. Posted signs. Provided bottled water. N/AN/A
Allegheny-Clarion Valley SD Jr/Sr High School4/19/2019071.8Shut off. Posted signs. Provided bottled water. N/AN/A
Bellefonte ASDPleasant Gap Elementary 4/4/2019023.6Removed from serviceN/A4/8/2019
Smethport ASDSmethport Elementary11/30/2018062.3DisconnectedN/AJan-19
Smethport ASDSmethport High School11/30/2019041.4Re-testPass Jan-19
Jefferson County DuBois AVTS (Jeff Tech)Main3/16/20190419“Do Not Drink” SignN/A5/17/2019
Jefferson County DuBois AVTS (Jeff Tech)Annex4/9/20190163“Do Not Drink” SignN/A5/17/2019
Carbon Lehigh IU 21Lehigh County Enhanced Autism BS-53/16/2019018Replaced aeratorN/AN/A
Carbon Lehigh IU 21Lehigh County Enhanced Autism BS-73/16/20190564Replaced aeratorN/AN/A
Carbon Lehigh IU 21Carbon Learning and Achievement School BS-83/16/2019016Replaced faucetN/AN/A
Carbon Lehigh IU 21Life House BS-13/16/2019017Installed filterN/AN/A
Carbon Lehigh IU 21Life House BS-23/16/2019058DecommissionedN/A4/12/2019
Carbon Lehigh IU 21Life House KS-13/16/2019055Installed filterN/AN/A
End of first quarterly report       
North Hills School DistrictMcIntyre Elementary School10/9/2018024.5Taken out of serviceN/A10/9/2018
North Hills School DistrictNorth Hills Middle School10/9/2018019.4Taken out of service on one source.                     Filter installed on the other source.<1 ppb1/29/2019
North Hills School DistrictWest View Elementary School10/9/2018046.9Taken out of serviceN/A10/9/2018
Governor Mifflin SDMifflin Park Elementary School5/1/201900.044Hose splitter on the hose bib was removed.0.0035/8/2019
Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13Fairland School5/15/20190.0020.058Posted non-potable water notice signs. Provided bottled water. Replacing pipes & supply valves from fixtures to main line. N/AN/A
Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13Community School West5/15/20190.0040.215Posted non-potable water notice signs. Provided bottled water. Replacing pipes & supply valves from fixtures to main line. N/AN/A
Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13Mulberry Street School5/17/2019<.0010.015At failed sink, posted non-potable water notice; bottled water is provided; landlord replaced fittings & supply valve.Passed6/21/2019
Lincoln Intermediate Unit #12Franklin Learning Center1/31/20190.0020.03Permanent and interimPending2/1/2020
Lincoln Intermediate Unit #12York Learning Center2/6/20190.0020.087Permanent and interimPending2/1/2020
North Penn School DistrictYork Avenue Elementary1/10/2019<2.530.09Replaced Fixture<15ppb4/11/2019
North Penn School DistrictKnapp Elementary1/15/2019<2.564.5Replaced Fixtures<15ppb4/11/2019
North Penn School DistrictNorth Penn High School1/21/2019<2.515.65Replaced Hose Outlet<15ppb4/11/2019
North Penn School DistrictGwynedd Square Elementary1/17/2019<2.524.29Replaced Fixtures<15ppb4/11/2019
North Penn School DistrictPennbrook Middle School1/24/2019<2.519.75Replaced aerator<15ppb4/11/2019
North Penn School DistrictGwyn Nor Elementary1/11/2019<2.520.42Replaced Fixture<15ppb4/11/2019
North Penn School DistrictOak Park Elementary1/10/2019<2.541.68Replaced Fixture<15ppb4/11/2019
North Penn School DistrictPennfield Middle School1/22/2019<2.543.55Remove from service23.34 (Flush)5/14/2019
Southern York County School DistrictShrewsbury Elementary6/4/20192.916Shut off. Posted signs.  90th6/11/2019
Dauphin County Tech School4/9/2019>1.0144Removed from service. Flushed or replaced.N/AN/A
Dauphin County Tech School6/7/2019>1.0>1.0Re-testPass6/7/2019
Mid Valley School DistrictSecondary Center6/20/2019117.1Shutt off. Out of service signs posted. Flushed and replaced aerator. N/AN/A
Milton Area School DistrictBaugher Elementary2/26/20191018Replace fountainBelow 155/7/2019
Bethlehem Area Vocational Technical SchoolMain building6/17/2019097Source Sample only, Install new drinking fountain retest.<18/9/2019
Bethlehem Area Vocational Technical SchoolMain building6/17/20190247Source Sample only, reinstall soup kettle flush and retest.Reinstalled Fixture, First draw sample tested 22 ug/l and sample after 15 second flush was <1.  Hung sign on wall stating 15 second purge before use.8/9/2019
Columbia-Montour Area VTSColumbia-Montour Area VTS3/27/2019ND0.73Disable source / Test at wall to determine if the issue is with the supply line or fixture / Replace fixture of eliminate fixture depending upon result. Lead filter s installed.  Awaiting re-test results.<.001 mg/l7/31/2019
Jersey Shore Area School DistrictJersey Shore Senior High School5/3/20190.0157.3Install low lead fixtures0.00938/19/2019
Jersey Shore Area School DistrictJersey Shore Middle School5/1/20190.0220.13Install low lead fixtures0.00348/19/2019
Jersey Shore Area School DistrictJersey Shore Elementary School5/12/20190.0240.024Flushed and re-tested0.0027/18/2019
Jersey Shore Area School DistrictAvis Elementary School5/2/20190.0233.6Install low lead fixtures0.00448/19/2019
Jersey Shore Area School DistrictSalladasburg Elementary School5/3/20190.140.5Install low lead fixtures0.00128/19/2019
Jersey Shore Area School DistrictDistrict Service Center5/3/20190.0260.13Install low lead fixtures0.000158/9/2019
Benton Area School DistrictMiddle/High School (Backflow preventer)4/2/20191818Conduct additional testing in warmer period (July-August). Backflow Preventer Maintenance. Monitor water usage and flush low-use lines. Work with water provider. 1.67/23/2019
Oley Valley School DistrictMiddle School10/24/2018<127Clean/replaced aeratorPass12/18/2018
Oley Valley School DistrictElementary School10/24/2018<115Flushed/cleaned aeratorPass12/18/2018
Oley Valley School DistrictHigh School10/24/2018<159Replaced pipingPass12/18/2018
End of second quarterly report       
Abington School DistrictRydal East Elementary4/30/20190225Removed From Service and  Replaced FixturePass7/31/2029
Abington School DistrictWillow Hill Elementary4/16/20190512Removed From Service and  Replaced FixturePass5/17/2019
Abington School DistrictSenior High 5/8/20190163Removed From Service and  Replaced FixturePass5/17/2019
Abington School DistrictJunior High5/1/2019065Removed From Service and  Replaced FixturePass7/31/2019
Abington School DistrictAdministration5/9/20190720Removed From Service and  Replaced FixturePass6/17/2019
Clarion-Limestone Area School DistrictC-L Elementary School9/5/2019061RetestLess than .0059/9/2019
North Hills School DistrictNH Middle School10/2/201904.7Replace faucet and retestN/A11/1/2019
Dover Area School DistrictDover High School8/21/2019<0050.025Replaced bubblerPass10/11/2019
Dover Area School DistrictNorth Salem Elementary8/21/2019<0050.018Replaced sprayerPass10/11/2019
Dover Area School DistrictNorth Salem Elementary8/21/2019<0050.016Replaced faucetPass10/11/2019
Dover Area School DistrictWeigelstown Elementary8/21/2019<0050.02Installed lead filterPass10/11/2019
Dover Area School DistrictLeib Elementary8/21/2019<0050.019Replaced faucetPass10/11/2019
Dover Area School DistrictLeib Elementary8/21/2019<0050.034Replaced faucetPass10/11/2019
Dover Area School DistrictDover Intermediate School8/21/2019<0050.057Removed From Service Pass10/11/2019
Dover Area School DistrictDover Intermediate School8/21/2019<0050.018Replaced faucetPass10/11/2019
Centennial School DistrictDavis E.S.5/11/20196.9130Replaced faucetBelow 15 ppb10/5/2019
Centennial School DistrictDavis E.S.5/11/20196.116Replaced AeratorNon-Detect10/5/2019
Centennial School DistrictWillow Dale E.S. (Ext.)5/18/20190360Non-Pot Water SignN/A10/5/2019
Centennial School DistrictWillow Dale E.S.5/18/20193.818Replaced faucetNon-Detect10/5/2019
Centennial School DistrictKlinger M.S.5/11/2019386Replaced faucetNon-Detect10/5/2019
Centennial School DistrictKlinger M.S. (Ext.)5/11/20190470Non-Pot Water SignN/A10/5/2019
Centennial School DistrictLog College M.S.5/18/20192.333Replaced faucetNon-Detect10/5/2019
Centennial School DistrictLog College M.S.5/18/20196.943Replaced faucetNon-Detect10/5/2019
Centennial School DistrictLog College M.S.(Ext.)5/18/2019024Non-Pot Water SignN/A10/5/2019
Centennial School DistrictLog College M.S. (Ext.)5/18/2019024Non-Pot Water SignN/A10/5/2019
Centennial School DistrictWilliam Tennent H.S.5/18/20194.4.16Replaced faucetNon-Detect10/5/2019
Centennial School DistrictWilliam Tennent H.S. (Ext.)5/18/2019049Non-Pot Water SignN/A10/5/2019
Centennial School DistrictWilliam Tennent H.S.5/18/2019618Replaced faucetNon-Detect10/5/2019
Centennial School DistrictDistrict Admin. Bldg. 5/18/20191448Cleaned AeratorNon-Detect10/5/2019
Waynesboro Area School DistrictWaynesboro Area Middle School10/28/2019N/A17Water cooler turned off and closed. Unit will be replaced and water retested on 11/11/19.N/AN/A
Waynesboro Area School DistrictFairview Elementary School11/1/2019N/A89Water cooler turned off and closed. Unit will be replaced and water retested on 11/11/19.N/AN/A
Parkland School DistrictTroxell Building9/19/2019<.0010.016Removed bathroom from servicePending10/22/2019
Bloomsburg Area School DistrictBeaver Main Elementary School6/7/201916.216.2Replaced old piping8.888/22/2019
Bloomsburg Area School DistrictW.W. Evans Elementary School6/24/20191616Replaced bubbler & aerator1.969/10/2019
Bloomsburg Area School DistrictW.W. Evans Elementary School6/24/201915.615.6Replaced bubbler & aerator<19/10/2019
Bloomsburg Area School DistrictBloomsburg High School5/24/201960.360.3Replaced Aerator2.969/11/2019
East Stroudsburg Area School DistrictMiddle Smithfield Elementary School6/6/2019916.5Replaced sink faucetBelow required/Pass7/26/2019
East Stroudsburg Area School DistrictMiddle Smithfield Elementary School6/10/20199.328Replaced sink faucetBelow required/Pass7/31/2019
Allentown School DistrictHarrison-Morton MS8/27/2019<132Flushed and/or replaced89/23/2019
Allentown School DistrictDieruff HS8/27/2019<122Flushed and/or replaced99/23/2019
Allentown School DistrictMosser ES8/27/2019<186Flushed and/or replaced<110/1/2019
Allentown School DistrictWashington ES8/27/2019<133Flushed and/or replaced39/23/2019
Allentown School DistrictRamos ES8/27/2019<120Flushed and/or replaced29/23/2019
Allentown School DistrictMuhlenberg ES8/27/2019<132Flushed and/or replaced139/23/2019
Allentown School DistrictUnion Terrace ES8/27/2019<119Flushed and/or replaced29/23/2019
Allentown School DistrictUnion Terrace ES8/27/2019<116Flushed and/or replaced59/23/2019
Allgheny Intermediate UnitThe Pathfinder School4/2/2019<1.071.8Sign posted/fountain capped/new fixture and filter installed
Mastery Charter SchoolsDouglass Elementary4/27/2019183750Shut off all drinking fountains.  Water has been brought in for drinking in the building.N/A4/30/2019
Mastery Charter SchoolsCleveland4/27/2019289289Fountains turned off and sinks have signs for not drinking on them.N/A4/30/2019
Mastery Charter SchoolsLenfest4/27/201973.573.5Sink has sign placed over itN/A4/30/2019
Mastery Charter SchoolsMann Elementary4/27/201955.3148Sink has sign placed over itN/A4/30/2019
Mastery Charter SchoolsPastorius4/27/201912757Installed signs over sinks.N/A4/30/2019
Mastery Charter SchoolsPickett4/27/201912.61174Took fountains out of service and placed signs over sinks. N/A4/30/2019
Mastery Charter SchoolsShoemaker4/27/201914.614.6Took fountain out of serviceN/A4/30/2019
Mastery Charter SchoolsGratz4/27/201914.439.1Took fountain out of serviceN/A4/30/2019
End of Third Quarterly Report       

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