SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A local public charter school that’s been thriving for a decade has addressed a major need, creating enough space for students and teachers.

It’s only fitting oversized scissors were used to cut a ceremonial ribbon where an overcrowded problem once existed at Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligence Charter School.

“It was very, very crowded so that’s kind of what I was used to but then I saw like so much more space here and it was a pretty big change,” said Rebecca Oakes, an 8th grader at Howard Gardner MI Charter School.

That big change is a big new lower campus building that opened this new school year, the centerpiece of a campus expansion project.

The new building addressed another problem the students were having.

“Not enough leg room for the kids,” explained Kim Hoskins, a science teacher at Howard Gardner MI Charter School.

But this science room, one of the building’s seven new classrooms makes that problem extinct, and then some.

“This extra room has been amazing. It gives them room to move. It gives them the sense that this is the science room. When I come in here, I’m ready for science,” Hoskins added.

“I think it’s nice because, like, in all the classrooms you have, like, more space to do, like, stuff about, like, that class,” stated Lucien Rich, an 8th grader at Howard Gardner MI Charter School.

Eyewitness News was standing where an old classroom once existed, until the expansion. Behind me is where students in Kindergarten through 4th grade currently learn. But before this expansion, it was right up through 8th grade.

Which meant the school’s 320 students were crammed into one building. But now 5th through 8th graders have their own brand spanking new building right down to the lockers.

“Now, with like the lockers and like more room it’s like a lot easier like to move from class to class and everything,” said Matthew Cohen 8th grader, Howard Gardner MI Charter School.

Sizing up the right amount of space to help hundreds of students better succeed at this public charter school on the East Mountain.