School Closed. Ice Rink Open.


Stroud Township, Monroe County – Richard Woisin was surprised he had the day off Wednesday. “My mom never woke me up so I kinda figured we had no school,” he said.


Schools in Monroe County were closed because of the weather. The temperature didn’t seem to bother anyone skating at the Stroud Township outdoor ice rink. Jordan Cortez remarked, “You don’t feel it when you’re playing.”


The boys played hockey on one side of the rink while the girls skated on the other. Stacy Young of Stroudsburg said, “Usually everyone is bored, stuck inside on the internet, watching TV and it’s great that I can come out and ice skate.”


The day off is nice now. But some kids worry they’ll have to pay for it later by making up snow days in the summer. Megan Eppley of Stroudsburg said, “I was really excited of course but kinda don’t want to be stuck there until June.”


While they enjoyed skating in the freezing temperature, they are looking forward to having free time on warmer days. Eppley said, “Can’t wait to look forward to the nice warm sun.”


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