JENKINS TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Some parts of the country are getting snow already and a Luzerne County brewery and sports shop came together to make some of their own.

Susquehanna Brewing Company (SBC) and Kraken Board Sports held their 3rd annual Ale Jam Festival in Pittston on Saturday.

Organizers brought in pounds of ice shavings collected by zambonies from ice rinks in the surrounding area to create their own mini snowboarding course in their parking lot.

SBC provided the venue, drinks, and food while Kraken Boards provide the equipment for snowboarders to shred.

“I’m with my coach, I’m with my peers. I’m with everybody that I love and I’m doing what I love,” said Chase Pepperman from Lake Harmony.

Dozens of people came out to have some drinks, enjoy the live music, food, and of course, grind some sick rails.

Event organizers hope to have this event going and growing each year.