WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY — Hundreds and hundreds of local children in need are getting the gift of warmth this holiday season. They are receiving coats donated through the recent Eyewitness News Coats for Kids campaign.

Browsing a display table filled with coats, Dasia Reveron, a mother of three from Edwardsville, needed a couple of them for her kids this winter.

“That is cute, too,” Hiller said.

“Thank you guys so much,” Reveron replies.

One of the coats is for her toddler-aged daughter.

“This is going to my girl. This is going to my six-year-old boy,” said Reveron.

It’s exactly what the single mom needed.

“Very helpful especially when times are rough. Especially with all, like, the prices of everything going up,” Reveron explained.

The coats are among hundreds handed out here and more than a thousand overall distributed across northeastern Pennsylvania, all thanks to November’s Eyewitness News Coats for Kids campaign.

The new and gently used coats were donated by viewers who wanted to make a difference.

The appreciation welled up in Reveron’s eyes.

“Thank you guys so much. It’s very helpful. You guys don’t understand. A lot of people are more privileged than others. Very much so,” said Reveron.

She was not the only one fighting back tears.

“I think that’s a wonderful thing to do for the kids. Kids need a lot of things. And that, this is one of the things they do need,” said Audry Gowan, a mom from Wilkes-Barre.

Gowan received a coat for her daughter, Jennifer.

“She’ll stay warm. She’ll look nice,” Gowan said.

Something so simple as a coat creates quite a grateful response.

“We have been receiving hugs, a lot of thank yous,” said Lieutenant Irseris Ortiz from the Salvation Army of Wilkes-Barre.

And something Ortiz says she’s never before received following one of these handouts

Some of the appreciation was expressed in written words like this Thank You card. And it reads in part, “To the Salvation Army, thank you for helping my family have a blessed Christmas.”

Words that carry a lot of weight following a collaborative act of caring.

“The viewers, the partners, the news. It’s teamwork. It’s teamwork and when we united for the community, that’s what happens. Everything is possible,” said Lt. Ortiz.

The Coats for Kids campaign is part of the Eyewitness News Children First Initiative.

Look for more of our campaigns in the New Year to help kids throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.