SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The weather could not have been much better for what’s become a spring tradition in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Runners dashed their way at the tenth annual Scranton Half-Marathon.

Runners and walkers challenged themselves on a 13.1-mile adventure that started and ended at Scranton’s Memorial Stadium.

Rachel Schilkowsky who won women’s first place says she’s been running for 15 years.

“I had a baby nine months ago so it’s been kind of a wild ride so I just slowly building up this was my longest postpartum race so I wasn’t really sure what do you expect, I’ve done a couple 3k’s a couple 5K’s and they went pretty well,” said Schilkowsky.

Men’s top finisher David Haines the men’s says he’s been training for this half marathon for the past half-year.

“I’ve been running for like 10 years but like for this particular race probably like six months. I wasn’t really sure what to expect I’ve been dealing with a little bit of an injury so I’m not my fitness wasn’t I wasn’t sure what my fitness was like so I’m very happy to win,” said Haines.

The race kicked off at 8 AM so if you’re wondering what a winner has for breakfast…

“A bagel and cream cheese and some dark chocolate and coffee. Copious amounts of coffee,” said Schilkowsky.

“I ate a bagel. Yep, that’s it,” said Haines.

Both winners say they were very grateful for the support of onlookers.

It took both David Haines and Rachel Schilkowsky a little more than an hour to finish the half marathon.