DELAWARE WATER GAP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — An update to a story we’ve been tracking in the Poconos regarding a road closure that’s been putting a halt on local business.

Detour and road closure signs remain in the Delaware Water Gap since the beginning of April when heavy rainfall caused damage to the slope and retaining wall along Route 611.

Business owners and local officials held a press conference two weeks ago spreading the word shops are still open, but one owner says it didn’t help as much as they had hoped.

“As you can see, there are no cars going behind me so it’s still really slow. Easter weekend was tough, we also had an accident on i-80, so that caused a lot of chaos that weekend,” stated Lauren Chamberlain, owner of Asparagus Sunshine.

But on Wednesday Chamberlain and others announced that PennDOT will begin repairs and plan to reopen the road by the end of spring.

“PennDOT does what they can do, but it’s often you know, there’s so much red tape involved that we don’t see things move that fast. So to get this kind of news and know that it could be mere weeks, is pretty exciting, pretty exciting,” explained Heather Fischer, mayor, portland.

As you can see, PennDOT has brought in concrete barriers and large machinery, as they begin the work to reopen this part of Route 611.

While repairs are underway additional signage will be placed to showcase the local shops and open roads.

“We’re going to get some signage from PennDOT out here so that people know the businesses are open, they can still come to the business, but also to have a barricade blocking so people cannot continue to get through while PennDOT’s working,” stated Kristine Bush, chief of staff, senator of Mario Scavello’s office.

With just over 50 days until summer owners are elated for the repairs to be complete.

“For us, it’s game-changing. You know, it’s a big project, we know that. We know that there’s a lot of work to be done,” said Chamberlain.

Make sure to stick with Eyewitness News for updates on the road repairs in the Poconos.