SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — In Scranton, Nay Aug Park is now home to a new rock garden.

The Facebook group Scranton Rocks created a fairy rock garden today in celebration of the arrival of spring Monday.

The rocks are all hand-painted with messages of kindness, hope, and encouragement.

The garden is also filled with carefully crafted gnomes, planters, and wooden structures, all-natural products found in and around the environment.

The goal is to cheer up those who walk around the park.

“Beautify the park and let people enjoy. Who doesn’t like to see something pretty so they’re gonna see something extra pretty when they walk around,” Rika Schafer, a member of Scranton Rocks.

“It’s so amazing how people get when they find painted rocks. The right rock finds the right person at the right time to brighten their day, and we’re hoping this fairy garden brightens their day as well,” said Scranton Rocks Administrator Tammy Capone.

About a dozen people showed up to help create the fairy rock garden.

The group says the goal is to add more painted rocks in the days and weeks to come in Scranton.