OLD FORGE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) It has now been more than eight weeks since an Old Forge Restaurant owner mysteriously disappeared — and tonight — prosecutors are releasing new information on the case.
     The Lackawanna County District Attorney says both blood and a tooth found inside Ghigiarelli’s Restaurant in late January belong to Robert Baron.

A small note — wishing the Baron family peace — sits with flowers — outside the front door of Ghigiarelli’s in Old Forge.
    Since owner Robert Baron vanished in late January — this business has remained closed.
    On Wednesday — prosecutors released the first results of “DNA testing” done on evidence recovered from the scene.

“Blood found at the scene was that of Mr. Baron’s. Unfortunately it does confirm that there was least some trauma experienced by him in the restaurant.” Said D.A. Shane Scanlon
    For the first time — District Attorney Shane Scanlon quantified the amount of blood found at the scene as “significant.”
    Scanlon also says “DNA” testing also indicated a tooth found in a utility sink also belonged to Mr. Baron.
    At this point — his disappearance is still classified as a missing person investigation.
    Barbara Abbott knew Baron — and was saddened to hear the new developments.

“Number one — he would have given them what they want without a fight — so who knows what they wanted — who knows why they were there..”

    Calling this still a very active investigation — the D.A. would not discuss any blood or items recovered from Mr. Baron’s car.

“There are detectives in this office that work that case exclusively, everyday. We want to progress forward. We want to bring closure to the family, to the community of Old Forge” added Scanlon.

    A community — that is still looking for answers.

 “I hope they find something, cue!!! What’s going on there, because it’s a sad thing.” said Joseph Moranko of Moosic.
The District Attorney says his office — and Old Forge police — are still getting tips on this case almost everyday.
    They believe that someone has information on Robert Baron’s whereabouts — and they want that person to come forward.