(WBRE/WYOU-TV)  Fighting blight has been the goal of many communities across Pennsylvania. Now… A new report is looking at ways communities can turn blighted properties into opportunities. Harrisburg Reporter Matt Heckel  has our story.

A new report released today called “Revitalizing Pennsylvania” looks at ways cities across the state have successfully turned around blighted properties and recommends ways others can do the same in the future.

  “How do we really create communities where people are proud to live there and want to live there?” said Phyllis Chamberlain.  Chamberlain is the Executive Director of the “Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania.

On Tuesday They released their “Revitalizing PA” report.

  “The report outlines all the successes that local communities are putting into place in regard to strategies to tackle the issue of blight” noted Chamberlain.

Successes like “Erie Refocused” The city’s first comprehensive plan in decades.

  “You can address a problem property. And when you show success, you build momentum” Added Chamberlain.

The “Revitalizing PA” report also highlights strategies and policy recommendations for tackling blight on the local and state level like including enhanced code enforcement… Increased state funding for programs aimed at fighting blight.  Also attracting more people to invest in distressed communities The Pennsylvania statewide blight taskforce announced they’ll be adopting those recommendations moving forward.

 “Blight is still a pretty big problem. And we still need to do more. And the fact that that task force will take on the policy agenda is very, very significant” noted Chamberlain.