SHENANDOAH BOROUGH, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Concerned citizens of Shenandoah Borough are urging residents to speak up at the special meeting next Monday. They say they’re fed up with the way the borough is being run.

During a work session Monday evening, Shenandoah Borough Council went into executive session to discuss a “personnel issue”. Councilwoman Eileen Burke tells Eyewitness News it involves missing money.

“This is the third time money has been gone from this place and they said it’s not criminal. How is it not criminal? We have hundreds of thousands they didn’t pay county taxes; they didn’t pay school taxes and now the taxpayers have to pay that back. We’re a small community here, the elderly live on $600 a month,” said councilwoman Burke.

She claims there’s a troubling lack of transparency from borough officials and difficult to get questions answered.

When asked how much money is missing Burke said “Oh, that’s top-secret, they’ll have to kill you.”

In talking to Burke, it seems like she’s seen a lot in just two years of being on the council but it’s what she hasn’t seen like meeting minutes, or records of borough business.

“Where’s the records at? You ask for a piece of paper and there’s nothing there,” said Burke.

She says people are getting fined late fees for garbage and sewage bills after they already paid it with cash or check at the borough building.

“Well they have to go to the bank’, well obviously someone was going to the bank but the money wasn’t going into the accounts,” said Burke.

Some residents say they’re fed up. They’ve tried to bring their concerns to the state but nothing changed. They’re hoping more people show up to the meeting next Monday to voice their concerns.

“Hopefully, maybe make a difference that’s what we’re hoping for. Something’s got to give, somewhere somehow,” said concerned resident Mary Kathrine Berresford.

Citizens hope to get some answers at the next meeting on Monday, April 18. It’s at 7:00 p.m. at the Shenandoah Borough building.