POCONO TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Tensions were high among residents and the Pocono Township Planning Commission Monday night as plans for a new warehouse were brought to the board.

The debate became heated during the more than three-hour meeting. It began with ‘Core-5 l-l-C’ (Core-5) presenting its plans to build a 302,000-square-foot warehouse off Stadden Road in Tannersville.

Core-5 officials say the property is zoned as commercial and their plans are within the regulations stating that “the road will only be used in case of an emergency.”

Around 100 residents came to the meeting and voiced their opinions about the warehouse, raising concerns about pollution, potential flooding,g and the effects on a nearby wetland.

The meeting ended with the planning commission voting to accept the plan to be reviewed by the township engineer, to begin the process of approving or denying the plans.

Eyewitness News spoke to two Pocono Township residents about their opinions on the meeting and they say despite some arguing they felt good that their voices were heard.

“I think the public made a lot of good points and I’m really hoping that the township will take all those points into consideration,” added Cynthia Anglemeyer of Pocono Township.

“I honestly think that we were heard. I was really amazed at how much the planning board listened to everybody, they didn’t interrupt. I found them to be really willing to listen and take all of it in. I did,” stated Lisa Buchholz of Pocono Township.

In a later edition, Eyewitness News will break down the plans of the warehouse and have more of the public’s concerns.