WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — It’s no secret that pollution is harmful in many ways to both, the planet and the people. Now, a new American Lung Association report called “Road to Clean Air” claims a transition to zero-emissions electric vehicles by 2050 could save thousands of lives and improve our climate and economy.

“It’s time to take steps that will move us away from this addiction to combustion and fossil fuels and towards a clean air future driven by commutable electricity powered by electric transportation,” National Vice President of Advocacy for the American Lung Association Paul Billings said.

The association’s new report claims 6,300 lives nationwide could be spared by transitioning to zero-emission vehicles. In Pennsylvania that would mean 200 premature deaths and 2,400 asthma attacks could be avoided along with nearly 11,000 lost workdays.

“We see that there will be more than $2.4 billion in health benefits across the state of Pennsylvania by this transition by mid century,” Billings said.

In some states, however, the transition may be an uphill battle.

“Going uphill obviously takes more of a strain on the battery than, you know, somewhere around flat land. And then plus you need more businesses to support the charging stations in the area, too,” Jeff Smith, a salesman and Ken Pollock Nissan said.

With many fully electric models barely averaging more than 100 miles per charge, range becomes another issue.

“Basically, just to make a stronger better battery to get a little bit more like mileage out of the vehicle. A lot of people are looking to get 300 plus miles to a charge,” Smith said.

But with the world moving toward electric transportation, the American Lung Associaiton believes it’s an opportunity for growth and innovation for America to be a leader and be part of the solution.

You can read the full report by clicking here.