(WBRE/WYOU)  Nearly 30-years ago Pat Hess discovered reflexology.
    After trying it, she was hooked.  As Jasmine Brooks tells us in this Month’s Buddy Check,  when Pat was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. Reflexology continued to play a big role in her life.


While boasting about her grand-daughters, Lexi and Olvia, Pat Hess shares baby pictures of her pride and joys.

 “They are the light of my life. Two little blonde baby dolls.”

    Perhaps it’s her love for her family that keeps Pat focused on staying healthy.
    In 2013, just before her first grand daughter was born, Pat was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.
    Throughout her treatment, pat continued to meet with longtime friend, David Jenkins.

    It looks similar to a foot massage but David is not a masseuse, he’s a Reflexologist.

 “Reflexology is 40-45 minutes generally and is used to work with the entire body, not just the superficial tension in the feet.”  David explains.

Our Buddy Check is the time we remind you to call your buddy to remind them to do a breast self-exam.
    It’s a call that could save a life.
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    When we meet,  David is working on Pat at Candy’s Place in Forty Fort.

  “Every part of the body has a reflex area in the feet. We use an alternating figure and thumb pressure on the relex areas to relieve stress and tension. That’s our number one goal.”

    David stresses Reflexology does not replace medicine, but rather complements it.

“In working with cancer patients I can help with some of the hurdles they’re facing in their treatments.”

    He says the treatments help with fatigue, nasua, neropothy and in Pat’s case, lymphedema.

 During my cancer, during my surgery, I had all of my lympthnodes taken out of my right side.”  Pat noted.

    Relexology helped Pat feel better physically.
    Today she is cancer free.
    And while she is leaving B Breast Cancer in her past….

 “It’s over, it’s gone, it’s not coming back and I’m going to live to 105-healthfully. That’s what I feel inside.”