DALLAS TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)- If you’ve pledged to get healthier and develop healthy eating habits in the new year, you’re not alone.

Building healthy habits isn’t always easy, and research shows Americans aren’t so good at reaching for those veggies. That’s why the Penn State Extension Office is introducing a research-based course called “Totally Veggies.”

“It just takes you through all the varieties of veggies: cruciferous, root, and it shows you with video how to cook these vegetables,” said Mary Ehret, a Penn State Nutrition Office educator.

Guidelines recommend you get two and a half cups of vegetables a day. To reach that, you’ve got to start at breakfast.

“It doesn’t have to be a hard thing to do,” said Ehret. “It can be as easy as using your leftover veggies from the night before.”

And the vegetables don’t have to be fresh. Ehret says frozen and canned are just as nutritious. If you are worried about sodium from canned vegetables, a quick rinse will wash off 30% of that sodium.

To get started with a diet change, listen to your taste buds.

“I would start with finding a vegetable, a non-starchy vegetable that you like and figure out how to include it in your meals,” said Ehret.

Ehret says another tip to help you reach for the greens is to keep a bowl of pre-cut vegetables in the front of the refrigerator. That way every time you open it, you are more likely to grab the greens.