Mahoning Township, Montour County (WBRE/WYOU) A public transportation system is now under new operation Friday in Montour County.

It’s a major change for what was the Montour County Transit system which was set up more than a decade ago.

The change took affect Friday. For years it was known and operated as the County’s Transit, now, it’s Rabbit Transit, a non-profit organization. The transition was made because the county, which has been running the system, didn’t want to pay the additional money Penn-Dot was requiring to keep operating the system.

“At some point this year, the county needed to convert over to the Penn-Dot Eco-Lane system,” said Kenneth Holdren a Montour County Commissioner.

Holdren tells Eyewitness News an expensive system which they avoided by joining Rabbit Transit, who uses the new Penn-Dot system already. Now the old logo will have to be changed on their busses and vans. Michael Devaney a Rabbit Transit Chief Operator was on hand making sure the first day wen smooth.

“So far so goo everybody is out and running and reservations are being taken,” said Devaney.
With the County moving to a municipal authority operation, the question is will they see a decrease in their clients?

“Sometimes there is a decrease in ridership in the beginning simply because folks are scared of the change,” said Devaney. 

Rabbit provide services in Columbia, Northumberland, Union and Snyder Counties. To make sure the amount of clients stay level and even increase, Holdren says “being able to offer longer trips for our citizens then we could possible offer as a stand alone.”

Breaking down county boundaries for those using public transportation.
Those who use Rabbit Transit in Montour County will see an increase in their fares starting July 18th.

11 Montour County Transit employees were offered the opportunity to apply to Rabbit Transit, only six of them did.