Questions Raised About Scranton Mayoral Ballot


SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) The Scranton mayoral race is intensifying. 
Eight candidates will be on the ballot in November. But the Lackawanna County Democratic Committee is leaving it up to the court of common pleas to decide if four of the candidates are legally allowed to run. 
“The key here is I am on the ballot. The burden of proof is on the local democratic party to prove that I should not be. So I am confident that I will remain on the ballot,” said Paige Cognetti a mayor candidate. 
Cognetti is one of the four. Joining her includes Kyle Donahue, Bob Bolus, and John Goshleski. 
All of the candidates their party affiliation to independent after democratic nominee, Chris Cullen and republican nominee, Charlie Spano were nominated a month ago. 
Now, Democratic Committee Chairman, Bob Sheridan says candidates are not legally allowed to swap parties. Unless, it is 30 days before a primary election which was never held. Sheridan believes the candidates should have dropped out of the race. 
“I think the city of Scranton wants what’s legal and that’s what we want, what’s legal and if it’s two or six, what ever the judges decide,” said Sheridan.
Sheridan says, the judges will have to determine if the mayoral race is part of a special election or the municipal election. He says, the different is if there is a lapse in office. In this race, City Council President, Pat Rogan, became mayor after former Mayor Bill Courtright resigned after pleading  guilty to federal corruption charges. 
Two weeks later, Mayor Wayne Evans was appointed. 
The four candidates in question believe this is a special election. They all want to run against the two nominees. 
“They picked a guy (Chris Cullen) that they can control and so that’s where their challenges are coming from,” said Donahue. 
Donahue says let the people of Scranton decide who the next mayor is. “They have a choice, they get to make the decision. Corrupt party bus don’t get to make the decision the people get to make the decision,” said Donahue. 
Cognetti says “the people of Scranton deserve to choose from a full field of candidates. We need to take Scranton in a new direction.”
Judges are expected to make a decision on the matter soon. 

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