PALMERTON, CARBON COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A squirrel in Palmerton is seeing renewed fame Thursday night. Butters the Squirrel was a popular local park squirrel who tragically died in 2019, but one man is pushing to see her legacy live on in the borough.

Butters the Squirrel became famous in the Palmerton area several years ago and her favorite person who helped her become famous says her online fame was electric in the community.

“For some reason, she took to me. Was cool with food and loved running up to me and other people. She met other people and some kids that got to pet her,” said Ed Condon, Butters’ advocate.

Butters was sadly hit by a car and died in 2019. Condon wants to dedicate a plaque in her honor at the borough park and he says this kind of memorial is not uncommon.

“In Texas, there’s a 14-foot-tall squirrel, so why not have a little plaque to honor this little squirrel celebrity in our small little town that doesn’t see a lot of attention or foot traffic. Bring more people around so that more people get to hear about her,” Condon explained.

But the borough doesn’t believe that it’s quite that simple for a bench plaque.

“We don’t feel that it’s appropriate for us to give permission for someone to put a plaque on a bench that someone else has sponsored,” said Palmerton Borough Manager Donna McGarry.

When asked about dedicating a bench instead of a plaque, McGarry said they have turned down others because they have enough benches already.

“We have actually turned down people who have since said I’d like to put another bench in the park. If you go through our park you’ll see, we have an abundance,” McGarry said.

However, a plaque isn’t the only option that is available.

“If we can’t put a plaque on a bench, maybe putting a plaque or a monument around a tree or something like that instead of on a tree. There’s plenty of people that have been pouring out tons and tons of support for her. I think that regardless if we can put something with her name on it somewhere, I can make it happen,” said Condon.

Both parties believe that a beneficial resolution is possible and will hopefully be reached soon. The Palmerton Borough will be meeting at 7 p.m., Thursday night and Condon’s proposal for a plaque in honor of Butters is on the agenda.

UPDATE: Palmerton Borough Council declined the plaque at the meeting Thursday night.