HARRISBURG, DAUPHIN COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) warned Pennsylvania consumers to be alert for potential energy marketing scams, specifically telemarketing calls that promise immediate savings on energy costs.

The PUC said scammers will “spoof” their location to make their phone numbers seem as if they are a local caller and pretend to be a representative from your utility company when you answer the phone.

Officials said the scammers will make vague statements about discounts, refunds, rebates, and bonuses if the customer acts right now.

PUC representatives said the scammers follow this general script:

“This is an apology call from your electric (or natural gas) utility.  You got overcharged by your third-party supplier.  You will be receiving a rebate check along with a 30% discount on your electric and gas bill. Please press 1 to get your rebate check.”

The PUC also noted that legitimate energy supply service telemarketers must do the following:

  • Identification – Callers must tell you who they are at the beginning of the call
  • Information – Sales agents must clearly explain why they are calling
  • Affiliation – Telemarketers and sales agent may NOT claim to represent the PUC, another utility or other organization.

According to PUC officials, if the agent fails to immediately identify themselves and the reason for the call, end the call, vague and potentially misleading statements should also alert consumers to end calls.