SOUTH CENTRE TOWNSHIP, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A public auction is being held Friday at the Vision Home Builders property near Berwick in Columbia County.

When the business abruptly closed in late April customers reached out to the I-Team claiming the company owed them money, which in some cases amounted to tens of thousands of dollars and homes that were not completed or in some cases, never started.

A public auction was held Friday at the Vision Home Builders property in South Centre Township customers want to know what if any impact that auction could have on their ongoing efforts to get the money they say the company owes them.

An auctioneer calling for bids on a wide variety of items at the vision home builders property near Berwick Friday among the items we saw vehicles tools and construction materials.

Vision Home Builders abruptly closed its doors in late April at that time the owner- Jeffrey McCreary sent an email to customers saying he had no choice but to cease operations due in large part to the negative financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Customers reached out to the I-Team for help claiming they could not get answers or their money from the company.

Several customers like Amber Bradshaw had unfinished homes, some with only foundations so this auction caught her attention.

“No, we’re also curious of the same thing you know if that’s going to be you know going towards paying his debts to everybody he owes,” stated Bradshaw.

Bradshaw went to Vision Home Builders in mid-June trying to get answers as did Eyewitness News a violent confrontation ensued.

McCreary faces criminal charges in connection with the incident attorney Frank Kepner represents several customers of Vision Home Builders.

He tells Eyewitness News he is working on a civil suit against the company to try to recoup their money. He too is aware of the auction at vision home builders.

“The question really is going to be what is generated by the sale. What’s available for clients who have been wronged,” said Kepner.

McCreary is facing criminal charges in dauphin county lower Paxton Township police filed felony theft and fraud charges in connection with a customer who claims McCreary owes them around $100,000 for an unfinished home.

Eyewitness News reached out to Jeff McCreary and his attorney for comment on the auction and the ongoing concerns of customers of Vision home Builders, we have not heard back.