Warning: The story you are about read to contains graphic images and mentions severe animal cruelty.

A heartbreaking act of animal cruelty has led to the rescue and road to recovery for a young puppy named Marigold.

Marigold was brought into the Pennsylvania SPCA after she was found abandoned in a park. Marigold had multiple rubber bands wrapped tightly around her muzzle, leaving wounds so severe that the bone was exposed and it was full of maggots, said the PSPCA.

When Marigold was brought into the PSPCA hospital, she was underweight and had severe strangulation injuries due to the tightness of the rubber bands on her muzzle.

Once the rubber bands were removed, doctors noticed a deep wound surrounding the top and bottom of her muzzle with a large amount of maggots and eggs throughout.

Due to the extent of her injuries, Marigold was sent to the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Vet Shelter Medicine’s Richard Lichter Charity for Dogs. Doctors were able to perform a life-saving surgery to help reattached the lower jaw tissue, close the intraoral wounds, remove teeth and start the healing process for Marigold.

After spending six days at Penn Vet recovering, Marigold headed to the Main Line Animal Rescue, where they were put in charge of changing marigolds special tie on bandages, allowing the tissue to come together and heal.

Now, her eyes, which were once filled with fear and sadness, are now bright and filled with hope, and her tail, once tucked between her legs, now wags with joy and enthusiasm.

Marigold is now ready find her fur-ever home or continue her recovery in a foster home.

“If you or someone you know is looking for a loyal companion, please consider opening your heart and home to Marigold.  Let’s give her the happy ending she so truly deserves!”, said the PSPCA

Acts of animal cruelty, such as what happened to Marigold, can be annonymously reported to the PSPCA’s Cruelty Hotline at 1-(866) 601-SPCA (604-7722).