PSP warns residents of new ‘Zelle Scam’


EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Pennsylvania State Police are warning people to keep an eye out for money transferring app scams.

Police say these scams can be used on any type of money transfer apps, such as Venmo and Cash App, but the scam is used most often with Zelle.

According to police, the victim will receive a text message from a bank’s fraud department, the scammer will then ask the user to confirm a suspicious payment.

If the victim responds the scammer will then call.

Upon calling, the victim will be asked for their username to “verify their identity,” the victim will also receive a one-time passcode which will allow the scammer to change their password.

The bank or Zelle will send a legitimate notification that the password was changed, but police say the fraudsters know about these and will tell the victim to verify it.

Once the password change is complete, police say the scammer will have full access to the victim’s bank account connected to the Zelle app.

PSP says residents can protect themselves by following these steps:

  • Become familiar with your money transferring app policies in relation to fraud protection.
  • Learn how to use your financial institutions mobile app and disable features you do not intune to use. Ask someon for help if needed.
  • Learn to recognize your financial intitutions fraud notifications.
  • Read text messages closely and ignore those from instutuions that where you do not have accounts or that make no sense.
  • If you recieve a phone call from someone claiming to be your bank hang up and call them back at a phone number that you know is valid.
  • Login informations should never be shared with anyone. Remeber that no one from your bank will ask you for login information ever.

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