BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WOU) — A town council’s decision to euthanize dozens of geese living in a Columbia County Park is ruffling some feathers.

Residents and animal activists are flocking together in the hopes of changing their fate.

It was a serene Sunday afternoon at Bloomsburg Town Park, as gaggles of geese glided across the water and waddled around the grass. But it was a much different scene just a few stoplights away in the heart of downtown on Market Square.

A group of protesters held signs and chanted “save the geese” as cars drove by.

They’re rallying against the decision Bloomsburg’s Town Council made in April to euthanize the geese who call Town Park, home.

“The ‘sticking point’ I guess is that we don’t want them killed. But we have lots of other options we could use, and we really wanna work with them,” explained Dawn Moore, Co-founder, ‘Save the Geese Bloomsburg.’

Through a U.S. Department of Agriculture Program, the geese are expected to be euthanized this summer, and their meat donated to local food banks. Casey Cope came all the way from Hershey to express opposition.

“I think that people and geese can live in harmony, I don’t think you need to take drastic measures, such as killing the geese,” stressed Casey Cope, Hershey.

Residents who visit the park say they don’t mind the mess the geese leave behind.

“We walk around the poop, as we know, everyone poops, and we just walk around it and move on with our lives, because it’s pretty ridiculous that people are complaining about geese poop as one of the reasons for this cull,” stated Breanna Bennett Harner, Bloomsburg.

“I am upset that that would even be an option because there’s so many other ways that they can control a problem if there is a problem,” said Monty Hittle, Bloomsburg.

Eyewitness News reached out to the Mayor of Bloomsburg for comment and the latest on the situation, but we have not yet heard back.