NANTICOKE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) Millions of people across the United States are swamped with student loan debt. Democratic State Representative Eddie Pashinski is trying to change that for future students. 

“They wouldn’t have to pay a dime until they graduate and get a job and then 2% of that salary for ten years goes back to Luzerne County to pay for their debt, interest free.” Stated Pashinski as he explained his bill to Eyewitness News. 

Pashinski’s bill is designed to help students like Endy Santos, a student at Luzerne County Community College, who knows how crippling student loan debt can be. 

“It’s definitely just to ease that burden financially. Which will help us focus more on our education and help us not have to work outside of school so much.” Santos told Eyewitness News. 

Thomas Leary, President of Luzerne County Community College, thinks the proposal will help get more students into the classroom. 

“The more we can reassure people that there are financial pathways, the better we will be served. Not only the individual but the community that we serve.” Leary claims. 

Representative Pashinski says more students in the classroom will boost the economy. 

“To have that debt plus rent or a home mortgage, a car, it’s overburdening. It takes the money out of the economy because of that debt.” Pashinski said. 

Representative Pashinski explains to Eyewitness News that the bill is in the committee but hopes to have it in the budget for June.