WHITE DEER TOWNSHIP, UNION COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – A Tank farm to supply more, White Deer Township, Union County

 Joe Anchor occasionally looks out his office window to see the progress on ‘Heller’s Gas’ storage plant near Watsontown.
 He’s a long time customer and the owner of Keystone Group Agriculture Seeds  .

 “It’s going to be a positive, positive thing for our area. Supply is always an issue.”

 An issue, the company hopes they will fix with nearly 40 new tanks.
 The only problem, the look is raising some eyebrows from neighbors.  

 “In the winter you probably wont see them but after they will be kind of ugly.” said Mary Morgan of White Deer Township,

 Something ‘Heller’s Gas’ can’t fix – but will work with Mary Morgan to help hide the issue.

 “I just would like them not to have the trees on the join properties cut down. Because who wants to look at those white tanks.” said Morgan

 Mary is not against the tanks going in because it will lower her’s, Joe’s and other customer’s bill each month.

 “If it makes things better for us it may have an economic benefit for us.” said Joe Anchor.

 The tanks were actually built locally in Milton at ACF Industries.
 Back in December we told you about jobs potentially be lost at that facility because lack of work.
 With ‘Heller’s Gas” help it keep jobs in the area.
 ‘Heller’s Gas’ started construction on the storage plant towards the end of last year and is expected to be finished by the end of 2017.