SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — As the warm weather quickly approaches, Maroni’s Pizza decided to think outside the box this year with its popular Italian Ice.

Every spring and summer Maroni’s Pizza, located at 1345 St. Ann Street in Scranton, serves up its well-known Lemon Italian Ice. But this year Maroni’s Owner, Rosa Pellegrino says the team came up with a concept for new Italian ice flavors.

Maroni’s Pizza debuted their new “Prime Italian Ice,” lemon-lime flavor on Wednesday, using the new and popular “Prime Hydration Drink” by KSI and Logan Paul of YouTube fame.

According to Pellegrino, a lot of her customers and people she knows are excited about the drink and the flavors they have, which include, strawberry-watermelon, lemon-lime, tropical punch, blue raspberry, and the ever-so-popular, ice pop.

Courtesy: Maroni’s Pizza

“Everyone has been really excited about the drink itself and its flavors. So we wanted to add something fresh and fun for summer and we really hope everyone comes and tries it,” Pellegrino added.

Pellegrino continued by saying Maroni’s Pizza debuted its new flavors on Wednesday, due to the beautiful weather and because most kids are off of school for Easter break.

“We launched the new Italian ice today, starting with lemon-lime, and every couple of weeks, we plan on switching it up, depending on how popular the flavor is and its availability. So, we also have to play it by ear,” Pellegrino explained.

The new “Prime Lemon-Lime Italian Ice” is now available at Maroni’s Pizza but only for a limited time, so give it a try and let them know what you think before it’s all gone.