WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — President Joe Biden is calling for a 3-month federal gas holiday. This comes after raising concerns over the price of fuel that’s skyrocketed since the most recent war in Ukraine.

We’ve talked about it many times before. Gas prices continue to climb but now there could finally be some relief.

On the White House’s website, a release from President Biden details how gas has gone up nearly $2 since Russian troops invaded Ukraine.

President Biden is asking congress and states to take even more legislative action so American consumers can catch a break from what he calls “Putin’s price hike.”

The President also asked states to suspend their own gas taxes. Currently, the federal government charges 18% tax per gallon for gas and 24% tax per gallon for diesel.

If the gas tax is suspended until September, at the end of May, gas here in Lycoming County was $4.69 per gallon at the Sheetz located on the Third Street. Less than a month later, it’s $4.96 at the same location.

One resident is hoping this suspension is passed by congress.

“I’m very excited about it. Any savings will be great to have and you know it’ll definitely be savings for everybody. I mean I think everybody deserves to have some savings,” said Kayleen Bowersox, a resident of Muncy.

President Biden also explains the gas tax holiday will not alleviate the bigger issue of inflation, but it’s a way for families to take one financial burden off their places.