EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — The end of summer means the start of preseason. High school football teams across the area battled through Monday night’s heat.

“I think it was 93 today, that’s a new high for me,” said Luke buss, senior at Wyoming Valley West.

Luke buss, Quarterback for Wyoming Valley West High School was up against the heat during his second practice Monday.

Buss and his teammates focused on staying hydrated as the heat acclimation period kicks off with temperatures in the 90s.

“Oh, the heat just drains you it makes you tired it makes you thirsty it makes you think about anything but football,” Buss added.

Head Coach Jack Baranski is in his fourth season in charge of the Spartans.

“From the coaching standpoint too, heat and being tired can you still execute in those moments,” said Jack Baranski, Head Coach Wyoming Valley West High School.

Baranski and his coaching staff are looking to prevent players from cramps, heat exhaustion, and injury.

“Really focus on keeping the guys hydrated their health and wellbeing first and foremost,” Baranski added.

Up the valley, the Wyoming Area Warriors also suited up with their shoulder pads and helmets, embracing the heat.

As they ran drills under the hot sun, Head Coach Randy Spencer says everyone’s looking out for symptoms of heat exhaustion.

“Any kind of prolonged dizziness or prolonged period where you’re out of breath,” said Randy Spencer, Head Coach of Wyoming Area High School Football.

Hydration stations are set up on the field with mandatory water breaks. The heat was so brutal, that Spencer cut practice short.

“Our afternoon we took about a half hour off and we had more than enough to satisfy our day for the heat ac so just on the side of caution we cut it short this afternoon,” Spencer explained.

Despite the heat, players are excited to run drills.

“We love bringing out the pads. We’re a physical team, we’ve always been a physical team throughout the history of the program it’s exciting to get back out here and get the pads on and hit a little bit,” said Aaron Crossley, Football Player, Wyoming Area High School, 11 grade, RB, LB, QB.

No matter what team you’re on, players know they have to push through the heat and concentrate on staying focused.

“And the hard work will pay off when the season comes,” Buss stated.

“The hardest part is the preseason it’s not the actual season, we prepare harder than the game so when we get to the games it’s easy and we’ve been there before,” Crossley added.

The heat acclimation period lasts through the end of the week. Teams had to deal with both the heat and some storms Monday.