SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — PennDOT is urging drivers to use caution ahead of this latest winter storm as they prepare to battle with the elements on the road again, it’s not too late to assemble a car emergency kit.

As those behind the wheel are bracing for more winter weather to come on Wednesday, now is the time to make sure those essentials are in your vehicle.

After Monday’s snowing conditions, NEPA is bracing for more. The Eyewitness Weather Team says Wednesday’s storm will begin with snow.

PennDOT crews are on the move ahead of time to treat the roads.

“in certain locations, we will be bringing which is spraying a liquid salt on the roadways,” said Lonell Shalkowski, the Acting Maintenance Serving Engineer

Inside the Incident Command Center at PennDOT, Engineering District 4, officials are able to monitor the roads, on cameras located all across the region.

“We would say definitely be prepared for the worst to be stranded on the roadway for hours. So anything you would need in that time, anywhere from 12-24 hours make sure you’re prepared,” Shalkowski added.

The time is now, to prepare a ‘winter weather go bag’ or an emergency kit full of all of the essentials you may need if your vehicle is stranded on the road.

“Emergency travel kits should have some warmer clothes, water, nonperishable foods, a flashlight. You want to also bring your cell phone in the charger with you and any supplies for your children or babies that may have to travel as well,” Shalkowski continued.

Reporter Julie Dunphy packed her own kit in the Eyewitness News car ahead of the storm that included a shovel, safety vest, and jumper cables.

Plus, check for your spare tire and make sure it has air in it before you hit the road.

Drivers should also have at least half a tank of gas. Be sure to fill up if you’re going to travel Wednesday.

Traveling in snowy conditions isn’t something Scranton resident James Griffiths plans to do if he doesn’t have to.

“Stay home. Stay home until the roads are wet dry that the snow’s all off of them,” Griffith stated.

Griffiths says if he ever finds himself caught in a storm, he looks out for slick conditions.

“Slippery roads, ice underneath the snow. Just take care and just take and take it easy don’t go fast,” Griffiths added.

With freezing temperatures, roads that look wet may actually be icy, use caution when approaching bridges and highway ramps where ice can form without warning.