MONTOURSVILLE, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Communities across Florida are picking up the pieces after Hurricane Ian made landfall. A local energy company is working to help the state’s residents get back on their feet.

Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida last week, leaving many regions flooded and residents without power.

Since then, PPL Electric Utilities is providing aid to Floridians to get their electricity restored.

“We have 30 contractors from PPL Electric Utilities who have gone to Florida,” said Tracie Witter, the Regional Affairs Director for PPL Electric Utilities.

Staff from PPL Electric Utilities left for Florida last weekend and many staff members are still on the ground working to repair power lines.

The company is a part of a mutual assistance agreement that allows them to extend help to communities that need it most.

“When we need resources after a storm, for example, Hurricane Sandy, a lot of the utilities from across the East Coast came and helped us, and then when they have needs, we go and we assist them,” Witter explained.

The category 4 hurricane had winds over 100 miles per hour, leaving a path of destruction across Florida, including extensive flooding and debris littering the streets.

There isn’t an official estimate for the cost of the storm’s damages. But, Witter says PPL will continue to help with restoration efforts as much as possible.

“We’re continuing to monitor the situation in the south and reassess our resources based on what their needs are. So, it’s an ongoing conversation that we’re having,” Witter added.

It will be some time before residents in Florida have fully recovered from Hurricane Ian, but there are ways to help from home.

To learn more about donations and how to help those affected by Hurricane Ian visit the Red Cross’s website.