Poster Project Sparks Controversy Across University


EAST STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – New posters have popped up around East Stroudsburg University’s campus. They’re meant to promote inclusion, but some students say one of the pieces is downright offensive.

Graphic Design students created the artwork as a class project. They were hung throughout campus to create conversation.

The poster hanging smack dab outside ESU’s main academic building depicts President Donald Trump throwing a golf ball in the air, with a dead Puerto Rican child on the shoreline next to him.

“When Puerto Rico was struggling, Trump was out playing golf,” says April Jones, senior.

Some students don’t mind the poster.

“It’s a piece of artwork and it’s part of free speech,” says David Bradley, freshman.

Freshman Karl Charriot adds, “it shows people what’s actually going on.”

Others can’t believe it’s allowed on campus.

“It’s just in extremely horrible taste, I think,” says Christian Ferro, senior.

“It’s plain wrong,” adds Matthew Deegan, senior.

The picture is meant to express inclusion, but some say it’s anything but inclusive.

“It was just complete and utter isolation from the campus when I saw that,” Ferro adds.

“Instead of bringing people together it’s taking people further apart,” Charriot explains.

Senior Matthew Deegan is so upset, he wrote a lengthy letter to the University’s president asking for the poster to be immediately taken down. For Matthew, this has nothing to do with politics.

He adds, “whether it was depicting past President Obama or any of the former presidents, this isn’t acceptable for a state funded public university.”

Others say the artwork serves its purpose: to create discussion. It was even incorporated into April Jones’ philosophy class.

“We actually just took a field trip around campus to look at all the posters,” says April Jones, senior.

In response to the controversy, an open forum is now scheduled on Monday at ESU. Students are invited to learn more about the project and voice their opinions about it.

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