Postal Pushback: Residents Want Mailboxes Moved


DALLAS TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) Those concerns center around mail delivered by the Dallas Post Office to folks who live on Overbrook Avenue..

Residents we spoke to say…They want their mailboxes relocated to prevent a tragedy.

“You can see the car flying down the hill and it’s dangerous. Plus I live on the berm of the hill so it’s kind of hard for me to see cars coming down.” Said Sandra Touw.

Sandra Touw says Overbrook Avenue in Dallas Township has become a speedway, making her daily trek across the street for her mail a very risky adventure.

“It’s always been dangerous but the hill is getting ever more dangerous with traffic.”

She has lived here for more than 20 years and has seen a steady increase in the amount of traffic. She and other folks here have to cross Overbrook Avenue to get their mail. She says it’s always a challenge, especially in the winter months.

“If it snows and the plow leaves snow I’m on the road trying to get my mail so I could get hit very easily.”

And she says she has had some very close calls… So, she and some of her neighbors would like to have their mailboxes moved to their side of the street.

“Mehalshick; You went to the post office what were you told by the post office folks? Touw; I was told that it would cost too much money to change the routes and the man only goes up the hill and it’s too expensive to change it for him and that if I was concerned I should get a box at the post office.”

Robin Hood lives on Overbrook Avenue, his mailbox is located in the front of the house. But he says he understands his neighbor’s concerns.

“A lot of heavy trucks when i first moved here there was very little traffic my kids could play out there and didn’t have to worry about them much but now you can’t even walk the dogs often because of the traffic.” Said Hood.

“Mehalshick; Playing devil’s advocate some would say why not get a post office box? Touw; Why should I pay for a post office box? Prices keep going up. I’m retired I shouldn’t have to pay to get my mail.”

The post office was closed today in observance of Martin Luther King Day, but a spokesperson for the postal service told me she would look into the situation and have some answer for me tomorrow.

DALLAS TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) People who live along Overbrook Avenue in Dallas Township say they are concerned every time they retrieve their mail.

The mailboxes are very close to a road that has seen an increase in traffic.

A resident of Overbrook Avenue in Dallas Township says getting her mail has become a concern.

They want to have their mailboxes relocated directly in front of their homes, if possible.

They say they are getting push back from the Postal Service.

We will show you what they are concerned about and what they say the USPS is telling them on Eyewitness News at 6pm.

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