MONTOURSVILLE, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — It’s the day after Christmas where consumers are out making returns and cashing in on deals.

A lot of people in our region were out and about today, in Luzerne and Lycoming counties for some post-holiday shopping.

Each year retailers have countless deals and discounts the day after Christmas.

“Just came out to see if we could find anything we wanted. Just spending our Christmas money,” said Daijah Duke who is a Clinton County resident.

Plenty of people hit the Lycoming County mall with the hopes of finding some last-minute steals.

“I thought I would spend more than I did but because of the sales I got a good discount,” said Duke.

Kelly Annicelli and her daughter Sophia don’t typically shop the day after Christmas but decided to come and spend some extra time together.

“‘I’m usually shopped out up until Christmas day so I usually don’t come out the day after but I’m with her,” said Kelly.

“This is my first time, I think both of our first time shopping after Christmas,” said Sophia.

The warm weather and clear skies had shoppers in and out of stores along the way. Sophia came home from Florida for the holidays and couldn’t wait to see what was at the mall.

“I definitely have a list of stuff that I’m like looking for during the sales, but other than that like the other stores just kind of looking around,” said Sophia.