WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Local colleges are gearing up for graduation, and that means seniors are getting ready to hit the job market.

Lycoming College has a long history and tradition of educating students across the humanities and business and the sciences and indeed those are areas that are hiring extensively,” said Chip Edmonds, Executive VP, Lycoming College.

And that’s exactly what many seniors are leaning toward. Chip Edmonds, the Executive Vice President at Lycoming College says they survey recent graduates after they leave to study how these trends shift.

“We follow up with students between the 6-month mark and then the 12-month mark since they graduate. But what we’ve seen a lot more is students pursuing and are interested in working in more metropolitan cities,” Edmonds explained.

One senior is relocating to Baltimore to put his Astrophysics Degree to good use, looking for new space discoveries.

“I just kind of want to go to space and be a spaceman and in general I think it’s definitely good because people go and they explore and find out cool stuff,” stated Jake Booth, Astrophysics major.

Another senior, who also has a job secured, chose Economics and Business Finance because of the growing demand in those fields.

“There’s a lot of financial analysts, which I interned this summer and I see a lot of jobs and a lot of jobs are open. It’s very competitive but a lot of businesses are looking for financial analysts right now,” said Michael Scarponi, Economics & Business Finance majors, Lycoming College.

During the pandemic, the demand for medical workers dramatically increased and so did the need for health science research.

“You have the healthcare workers, the nurses, the doctors but then we have the research part of it. That’s going to be an ultimate stepping stone toward drug development. That is why I chose the foundational field of structural biology/biochemistry for future studies,” explained Sohini Mukherjee, Cellular Molecular Biology major.

Eyewitness News wishes the soon-to-be grads the best of luck in all their future endeavors.