DICKSON CITY, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Authorities are warning and asking residents for help after reports of mail thefts occurring throughout Dickson City.

Homeowners targeted at the mailbox. Police in Lackawanna County says several homes have gotten mail stolen from them in the past couple of days.

“We had to block information, call our bank, block the checks, we had to cancel credit cards,” explained Holly Kuchwara, a victim of the crime.

Holly Kuchwara lives on Huntington Drive in Dickson City.

She says over the weekend her neighbor found her mail scattered on the ground. Holly says her mail was stolen before the post office picked it up.

“It was still intact but the envelope was ripped, tore up a little bit and they took all of our checks out for all of our bills,” stated Kuchwara.

Dickson City police say there have been at least five incidents of mail theft since Saturday in the borough.

“It happened to my other neighbor this morning,” said Kuchwara.

Police say mailboxes in this neighborhood were hit again overnight, just before 2 o’clock this morning. They say a suspect is a man on foot wearing a hoodie”

What can you do to protect your mail? Chief Bolinski of the Dickson City Police Department says anything of value in the mail is a big concern.

“We don’t exactly know exactly what they are looking for. If they are just looking for people’s information, banking information, personal information, checks,” stated Bolinski.

Police are now hoping to catch the suspect or suspects in the act. They are asking homeowners with surveillance cameras to face them towards their mailbox.

Mail theft is considered a federal crime being charged with stealing mail could land you in federal prison for up to five years and you could be fined up to $250,000.

However, after falling victim to mail theft, Holly doesn’t feel safe putting anything of value in her mailbox.

“Your afraid to leave any mail, I won’t put any mail in the box anymore to mail it out, I’ll just take it right to the post office I’m not going to do that again,” explained Kuchwara.

Law enforcement is asking residents if they have the ability, to face a surveillance camera towards their mailbox to help find the suspect involved in the mail theft.

Officials tell Eyewitness News the suspect appears to be a male on foot wearing a hoodie. If you have any information about the mail thefts, you’re asked to contact Dickson City Police.