DUNMORE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A meeting for sex turned into a high-speed chase early Monday morning, police say.

Officer Eugene Mentz reports that while visiting Sheetz on the O’Neill Highway Monday around 1:00 a.m., his vehicle was approached by Giovani Rodriguez, who told the officer that he had met up with a woman, Sandra Posso, at a motel in Dunmore and that she had stolen his handgun and dropped it at Sheetz. Rodriguez would later admit he was meeting Posso at the motel for sex.

At Sheetz, Rodriguez identified a silver Mercedes that had followed him earlier. The officer reports that upon inspection, the window of the vehicle was already rolled down, and he saw a handgun between the legs of the passenger, 19-year-old Ivan Watts.

A motorcycle driver who was parked next to the car told officers that the driver of the Mercedes, Ahmed Jones, hit their bike, then pulled a gun on him when he was confronted.

When the officer attempted to arrest Jones and Watts, Jones put the car in drive and took off, hitting the motorcycle a second time on his way out.

Police say a high-speed chase then ensued. Officers chased the vehicle to Green Place in Scranton where the car was located with no one inside.

Jones was later located by police and taken into custody.

Posso and Watts are still at large and are being sought out by police.