SUGAR NOTCH BOROUGH, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A bit of a Thanksgiving mystery has been solved as police have determined what caused an explosion many Luzerne County residents heard and felt Thursday morning.

The sound of the blast, heard in the video below, was caught on a doorbell camera on Andover Street in Wilkes-Barre:

According to Sugar Notch Borough Police Chief John Doucette, a man was adjusting the sight on his rifle for target practice, and while doing so, also placed Tannerite on top of the target. Tannerite is and explosive target used in firearms practice.

An initial investigation Thursday by the Hanover Township Police Department had no significant findings as to the cause. The Sugar Notch Police Department took over after it was discovered that the incident occurred in their jurisdiction, near the Hanover Township line.

Police say when the man shot the target, the Tannerite caused the explosion heard throughout the Wyoming Valley from Ashley to Pittston.

Chief Doucette says the man shot the Tannerite in a wooded area near culm banks in Sugar Notch Borough, somewhat in proximity to the woods behind the Hanover area soccer fields.

“There was no property damage, no injuries, and no laws were broken,” chief Doucette explained.

Double-checking with the ATF and Pennsylvania State Police, chief Doucette says there will be no charges filed because it isn’t illegal to use Tannerite for target practice in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.