SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – It’s a terrible case of animal cruelty as five ducks were beaten to death at a Schuylkill Haven park. People are outraged over this seemingly senseless violence as the investigation by police heats up.

“I would say to whoever did this— you are ridiculous,” Linda Moore a cashier at S & R Bait Shop said. 

S & R Bait Shop is so close to Bubeck Park, workers can hear the ducks.  They have developed a personal relationship with the wildlife.

“We feed the ducks here, sometimes. They are over at the door, tapping it, like you know, ‘we know you are in there,'” Moore said.

Moore isn’t the only one who cares for the ducks. An elderly couple dubbed the Swan Patrol keeps close watch over the animals well-being.

That couple made a gruesome discovery, and alerted police on Tuesday.  Police said they found five  mallard ducks at Bubeck Park with their heads smashed in.  The couple made another a chilling discovery, an aluminum baseball bat found nearby.

“This took some time because the corpse was spread out throughout the park. So it wasn’t just a one particular instance of violence. This took a while to inflict this kind of damage it is very alarming,” Chief Jeff Walcott of the Schuylkill Haven Borough Police said.

The park is equipped with surveillance camera. Police are watching back hours of footage in hopes something was caught on camera.

In the meantime, park goers are left questioning what kind of person would do this?

“Who would do something like this to a duck? I mean they don’t do anything, the just sit there and swim. They don’t bother anybody,” Jim Finnigan of Pottsville said. 

Police said it still remains unclear if the bat found at the park was used to kill the ducks. They are hoping the surveillance video will help piece together exactly what happened

The Game Commission and the Fish and Boat Commission are both involved with the investigation because it falls under the Migratory Bird Act. That act makes it illegal to hunt or kill migratory birds, like ducks. If convicted the person responsible could face $15,000  worth of fines or 6 months in jail.