DICKSON CITY, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Dickson City residents are speaking out over violence and crime all being committed, in what they call a “problem house.”

Loud bangs were heard Thursday morning on Grant Court in Dickson City, and Eyewitness News has found out it’s not the first time. Neighbors say they’ve started locking their doors at night and police say they’re doing everything they legally can.

Dickson City Police have been called out to this residence 15 times in the last week according to police logs Eyewitness News has obtained. Investigators say it’s a feud between a brother and sister that keeps escalating.

Thursday morning, Dickson City police officers were called out for a large fight with seven people. Four of those people were in the hospital with a variety of non-life-threatening injuries including at least one head injury.

Neighbors say they’re scared.

“It’s terrifying. It’s definitely terrifying that this is going on around here. Shootings, stabbing, robberies, all kinds of stuff,” said nearby resident, Alexandra Cook.

Police say they’re frustrated.

“We’ve been called out to Grant Court the last two weeks almost daily. Nonstop calls for service, people not cooperating, officers doing investigations, people not following through with those investigations. It’s becoming frustrating. We get there, calm things down, we start the investigation and no one wants to cooperate and tell us what’s happening,” said Dickson City Police Chief, William Bilinski.

Police did arrest two people at the fight Thursday morning but on unrelated probation charges.

Police say they are still collecting statements and footage regarding the incident from this morning.