SUNBURY, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Police have arrested the father of a Sunbury shooting suspect, for trying to conceal evidence and his son’s whereabouts, police say.

According to police, Ajani Munsh-Ousha Uhuru is wanted in connection with a deadly shooting that occured in Sunbury at the Penn Jersey Mart on Thursday around 4:15 p.m.

Officers say the victim was identified as Kareem Jakes. His sister, Charisma Jakes spoke with police and confirmed that Ousha Uhuru did in fact shoot her brother and fled the scene in a blue BMW with tinted windows.

Police say they observed surveillance video from the Penn Jersey Mart where Ousha Uhuru was observed pulling in, driving a blue BMW with tinted windows. Police watched the shooting occur and saw the shooter flee the scene in the same blue BMW with the PA license plate bearing LWZ-5302.

According to law enforcement, a regional broadcast was put out for all law enforcement to be on the lookout for the blue BMW with that license plate, and that Ousha Uhuru should be considered armed and dangerous.

The Northumberland County Communication Center (NCCC) advised officers that a vehicle matching the BMW’s description with the same registration was driving into Sunbury from Snydertown Road.

The press release reads, that police conducted a routine traffic stop and the driver of the car was identified as 54-year-old, Ajani Munsho-Uche Uhuru, the father of the Sunbury shooting suspect, Ajani Munsh-Ousha Uhuru.

Uche Uhuru was taken in by police and transported to the Sunbury Police Department. The BMW was impounded by police so they could conduct a search warrant on the vehicle.

Police say Uche Uhuru said his son called him and told him where the vehicle was parked and sent a location of the area where the vehicle was located in the Elysburg area.

Uche Uhuru when to the location and recovered the vehicle and was driving back to Sunbury when he was stopped by police. Uche Uhuru also informed police that he didn’t know where his son was and that he wasn’t near the vehicle when he picked it up.

Ajani Munsho-Uche Uhuru, the father of the fatal Sunbury shooting suspect, has been arrested and is being charged with three felony counts: hinder apprehension/prosecution – harbor or conceal, hinder apprehension/prosecution – provide aid, hinder apprehension/prosecution conceal/destroy evidence.

His monetary bail was set at $200,000.