Police: Two charged with theft after allegedly pocketing GoFundMe donations for deceased friend


NEW MILFORD, SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Police say that 32-year-old Kara Marie Foley and 36-year-old Salvatore Poloso started a GoFundMe for their deceased friend Brian Keith Price who lost his life in an automobile accident in late September of 2020 and spent the proceeds on themselves.

According to police paperwork, Foley approached Price’s sister after his death and offered to start a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign to help with funeral costs since he did not have a life insurance policy. Price’s sister recalled feeling uneasy to investigators but ultimately chose to trust Foley because she and Poloso were friends with Price.

The campaign was started on October 2 of 2020 and raised a total of $2,343.21 according to police. Price’s sister told investigators that she was in contact with Foley and was told multiple times that the money would be given to her. However, she says that Foley would make an excuse such as there being a delay or a hangup with GoFundMe and was acting generally evasive, sometimes not answering for days.

Around October 13, police say Foley provided a prepaid debit card that was alleged to contain the funds but it was later learned that the card was empty.

On November 5 of 2020, nearly a month after the campaign had been started, police paperwork says Foley explained to Price’s sister that they had used the money and would pay it back after Price’s sister told Foley she had contacted GoFundMe and confirmed they had released the funds.

When Price’s sister contacted Poloso after learning he was involved, he told her it was an “accident” and he accused Price’s sister of being “money hungry.” He also explained that in regards to the money, “when I have some, I’ll send it” and that he “had mouths to feed and Christmas presents to buy.”

Price’s sister says both Poloso and Foley then ignored her.

The two are being charged with receiving stolen property, criminal conspiracy, and multiple counts of theft.

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