BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Two Bloomsburg residents are facing numerous charges after police say they were breaking into houses, burglarizing them, and having sex in one of them.

According to a criminal report, 33-year-old Justin Charles Bozarth and 32-year-old Kristy Shultz were charged on January 12 after a police investigation into several reported burglaries in the Bloomsburg area.

The first reported burglary was on April 3, 2021, on East Main Street. The victim had been out of her home for several days and had come back to it being broken into, with several items, including items used for her son’s schooling. Several fingerprints were obtained during this investigation.

On August 1, police investigated a student housing building on the 100 block of North Street. The caretaker of the building told police that the room was burglarized at some point after July 14 when it was last occupied. The caretaker told police that the room had been pristine when it was last checked.

Police say the room was in complete disarray with mattresses strewn about. Female clothing was found, including pants that had the buttocks cut out. Cucumbers wrapped in condoms along with baby oil were also found. More fingerprints were obtained from this scene.

The students who resided in the room reported numerous items missing, including a television, coffee maker, and game console.

Bozarth and Shultz were taken into custody in October for an unrelated incident. According to court documents, during that time, Bozarth and Shultz admitted to breaking into the student housing building and performing sex acts on each other.

Shultz told police that Bozarth was into “weird sexual acts” while he was high on methamphetamine, and enjoyed wearing women’s clothing while performing sexual acts on himself using the cucumbers.

Conversely, Bozarth claimed it was Shultz who wore the clothing, and they used the cucumbers on each other, according to police.

Evidence collected from both suspects matched the evidence collected at both scenes.

Both Bozarth and Shultz are facing charges of burglary, criminal trespassing, and criminal mischief in addition to other related charges.