Police alert community on safety concerns over new traffic pattern in Dickson City


DICKSON CITY, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A new traffic pattern in Dickson City raises safety concerns. Police are trying to alert people about the change because the new pattern can be confusing.

The project was supposed to make this intersection safer police say it did the opposite.

Dickson City Police say they received a number of complaints over the weekend, about the new traffic pattern at Main Street and Boulevard Ave.

“They come around that corner there they follow that white line and then they cut across and shoot out that way. That’s what they’re doing, and I mean, it’s as dangerous as you can get it,” said Robert Carol.

“One day it was only letting two cars through at a time before it would flip, so the timing on the lights isn’t right,” said Candice Kopa.

Police say drivers coming from Boulevard Ave and upper Storrs Street now have the green light at the same time in opposing directions.

Drivers turning left onto main st from boulevard ave must yield to oncoming traffic from Storrs Street.

Chief Bilinski says this realignment is a safety issue.

According to PennDOT, the purpose of the project was to maintain the existing roadway and improve turning movements at the intersections along Main Street. It includes new pavement, updated signals, handicap-accessible curb ramps.

Robert Carol lives on Storr Street and says the intersection was fine before.

“I liked it the way it was before, we had no problem with the traffic… And now…It’s what it is, we have to accept it,” stated Carol.

Candice Kopa drives through that intersection every day and says it needed to be fixed.

“There was a light for a turning lane but there wasn’t an actual turning lane. So if you were trying to go straight through there but you were waiting for multiple turns for the boulevard, you didn’t get through that intersection,” stated Kopa.

Kopa is hoping for a turning lane but doesn’t think there’s enough space.

Dickson City Police said they raised concerns with PennDot. In a statement, Dickson City Police Department states:

“We suggested protective turning (green traffic arrow) for the left turn from boulevard ave. We understand everyone’s concern and almost witnessed a crash today while meeting and explaining our concern with the new traffic pattern. There will be signs explaining new traffic patterns soon.”

Dickson City Police

There is still no left turn from Main Street eastbound onto Storrs Street. Dickson City Police say traffic signage will also be installed about this restriction on turning left as was once there before.

PennDot officials say they’re continuing to work on the intersection.

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