BERWICK, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — After putting a Berwick school in lockdown, officials say a man was taken into custody.

According to the Berwick Area School District, a police incident occurred a few blocks from West Berwick Elementary. The school district said they kept students inside and increased security around the building.

Deputy US Marshal Robert Lenahan told 28/22 News US marshals were assisting a parole violation pickup of 47-year-old Adam Wample that went south and got turned over to the SERT.

In a release, Marshals say they located Wample at about 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning in the upstairs bedroom of Monroe Street house in Berwick.

Wample, according to US Marshals, was wanted by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections for absconding.

The release explains that Wample refused to come out of the house, but after four hours of negotiation, he surrendered to the police.

No one was reported injured in the incident and US Marshals say there is no threat or danger to members of the community.