CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — With a suspect in custody for the quadruple homicide in Idaho, Eyewitness News wanted to hear from neighbors in Chestnuthill Township about the break in the case.

The entire country has been following the investigation of a quadruple homicide at the University of Idaho. The story has now developed over 2500 miles away from the crime scene in northeastern Pennsylvania.

The suspect in the case, Bryan Kohberger, was arrested in the gated community Indian Mountain Lake located in Chestnuthill Township, a place where many people Eyewitness News spoke with a call home.

We spoke to several people from the area about the arrest and what they witnessed. People that live in and around the neighborhood where the arrest occurred did notice an increase in security early Friday morning and expressed their concerns.

“It’s pretty amazing, this is right in your backyard and you don’t know anything about it. You know, to track somebody all the way across the country like that, it’s crazy,” said Dennis Munger of Effort.

Monroe County was also home to Kohberger at one point. An old running partner of the suspect was rattled by the news.

“I looked at the picture and I couldn’t believe who it was. It was Bryan Kohberger. I would text him and be like ‘hey you wanna go for a run’. We’d go for 6/7 mile runs at night so when I saw who it was I was just like in complete shock, it was so close to home,” recalled Schyler Jacobson of Effort.

Others from the normally quiet community had similar reactions.

“Very surprised, to hear something like that, especially living so close to what’s going on here. As far as it is, to catch somebody, you know, halfway across the country is pretty amazing,” stated Anthony Caligiuri of Effort.

Some began seeing red flags when security was unusually active within the community.

“I mean, we see the security flashlights here and there but you know sometimes we don’t pay attention to it because they’re just kind of doing their job, but then we woke up this morning and there are all sorts of action,” explained Shaun Pasbrig of Indian Mountain Lake.

For those within the wooded area, it was hard to wrap their heads around knowing they might have been neighbors with the person accused of committing such a terrible crime.

“I’m still kind of like shaking knowing about that. It’s just unreal to think somebody could actually do that to somebody. It’s absolutely mind-boggling, my adrenaline is still kind of running after finding that information out,” described Jacobson.

Although this is still a developing story, the people that Eyewitness News spoke with are relieved that someone is in custody and that they are one step closer to justice for the families.