STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)-The White family returned to church for the first time since Christopher White and his daughter Angela were involved in a plane crash

In November 2021 Christopher and Angela took a father-daughter flight, and flew into a snowstorm. 

The plane went down in state game land in the Bear Creek area of Luzerne County. 

They laid there in 20 degree temperatures for several hours. Not knowing if anyone was coming to rescue them. 

Rebecca Rovinski of Bear Creek Township Fire Department was in attendance Sunday.  

“We all just ran together and we just looked down at them and we just saw them. We ripped our clothes off and we just put them on them to try and keep them warm,” says Rovinski.  

Several of the initial first responders surprised the family at “Christian Life Assembly” near Stroudsburg Sunday. 

Some of them seeing Christopher and Angela for the first time in nearly four months. 

“The last time we saw them was at the crash. When they go in that ambulance that’s it. Being here today brought us closure and seeing them. Seeing them active and happy and healthy. It was really emotional.” says Rovinski. 

Angela remains resilient, even after a shattered spine. An injury that may not allow her to walk again. 

Christopher sustained several injuries as well. 

 “It’s a process I am learning patience in. I am a little high strung sometimes. But I am learning to be patient and persevere and getting healing too.” said Christopher White of his journey of healing and recovery. 

Their church welcomed the family and some of the first responders on stage to talk about that healing process. 

Craig Johnson Lead Pastor of Christian Life Assembly spoke to Eyewitness News, “One of the things we’re going to do is as a church and as a community, come together to add onto their house.” 

Renovations will happen in the coming weeks to make the home more handicap accessible for Angela. 

“So that they can allow Angela to achieve all that she can in this next phase in a totally different way,” says Johnson.  

If you would like to donate to the White family you can do so here.  

The Church and family are looking for volunteers to help with the renovations on Saturday, March 19th.  

Contact the Christian Life Assembly for more information about volunteering at (570) 802-3518.