LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Pizza Hut has started work on two new locations in Kingston and Pittston.

Many residents want to know why a national chain would try to come back to an area with such a strong local pizza presence.

Northeastern Pennsylvania is known for its pizza and locals have no problem letting you know about their favorite shops and styles so I went to find out how people feel about more Pizza Hut’s and if anyone thinks we have too much of a good thing.

“First of all I love pizza, pizza is amazing and nobody hates pizza,” said Caroline.

“I love pizza, I love everything about pizza. And we have a lot of great pizza shops around here, a lot,” explained John Palzar.

Local pizza shops will be joined by new Pizza Hut stores in both Kingston and Pittston. Which some locals say will be beneficial to nearby residents, especially on busy Friday nights.

“Opening right here it will be closer. It’s gonna save us more money, especially with the gas bill because it’s a lot more expensive,” explained Caroline.

With so many surrounding pizza places both local and national chains could our area have too many pizza spots?

“No I mean everybody has their own unique way to make pizza, and everybody has their own style,” stated Samantha Fritz, owner of Tommy’s Pizza Corner.

“I don’t think it’s too saturated, because I love pizza. So the more the better,” said John Palzar.

Some local pizza spots don’t seem concerned about the competition and welcome the memories that come from Pizza Huts that have long since closed.

“I think all business is good business, and I think they’re gonna be pretty successful so we’ll see,” stated Samantha Fritz.

​”I’m all for business, people have to make a living. They have to feed their families. Anybody who wants to take the risk, it could be a good risk, especially in this area,” explained Mark McLaughlin.

People have a lot of passionate opinions about their pizza. The list of pizza places to try continues to grow. We reached out to Pizza Hut to see when the locations may open but I have not heard back.