PITTSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Dozens of people were without power. The outage lasted four days in a Luzerne County low-income apartment complex.

Utility crews are continuing to work and residents here at the apollo apartments are frustrated with how this outage was handled. Many of them are disabled or in need of power for their medicine.

“I have packs of insulin but I have them on ice,” said Kathleen Lumford.

Kathleen Lumford, a diabetic lives in Apollo apartments in Pittston. Lumford says she’s been without power since Saturday morning and is worried about keeping her insulin from going bad.

“Right now, I have my medication. I gotta keep going out and buying ice. “you know I’m worried about my life here, that’s my life,” explained Lumford.

Around 50-60 people were left without power, hot water, or heat. Utility crews were on site Tuesday working to fix the outage.

“There was some kind of power surge here it destroyed some equipment that’s underground, an extensive amount of damage,” stated Joe Chacke, executive director at the Pittston Housing Authority.

Chacke says maintenance crews Saturday notified residents the power could be out for days. The housing authority states all residents declined the Fire Department assistance. 

The issue was immediately identified by the maintenance department, and a contractor was contacted. As of Tuesday, the contractor has obtained all required parts and the housing authority says and work has been completed.

The generators are powering the elevator some lights and some receptacles. However, many people tell Eyewitness News they don’t have anywhere to go.

Residents like Christina Dietrich are frustrated because this is a lot of money lost.

“They didn’t offer any place to go and stay. Because whether they got their stamps or money, just went shopping and lost 300, 200 in food so that’s a hardship on disabled people on fixed budgets,” explained Dietrich.

The power was restored Tuesday evening. Residents that have any issues or concerns that haven’t been addressed should contact the Pittston Housing Authority office.

The nearby Infantino Apartments lost heat and hot water but have been restored.