STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)– Wearing a fluorescent vest with gloves, nine homeless people are doing their part in “picking up the Poconos.”

“It’s good. It’s good moral. It’s a good activity. It’s a starting point,” Jeffery Barton said.

Jeffery Barton has been homeless for several years, living shelter to shelter.

Through the Pocono Mountain Visitors Bureau and its partners, the Pocono Mountains United Way, resources from Human Development’s Street2Feet, and the Monroe County Waste Management Authority, the Pocono Community Caring Company or Pocono 3-C was formed.

The program will help the less fortunate gain work experience and put money in their pockets.

“Just get enough money maybe get another instrument or just having everyday things,” Nicholas Curry said. “Definitely music is everything.”

After five hours of work, these workers receive $50. The Visitors Bureau has funded this program for one year. $200,000 goes towards police presence, wages and clean-up material.

“Their raise in their self-esteem has been wonderful and just seeing how hard they are working. Just in the last four days we have picked up over 200 bags of garbage,” Resources for Human Development’s Street2Feet site supervisor Elizabeth Bogart said.

During Monday’s clean-up, shopping carts were found along with beer cans and other trash.

“Trailer tires, truck tires, bath tubs,” Barton said.

“They should do this across America because it gets them into tons of different parts of the community and cleaning up the Earth is the number one thing right now,” Curry said.

Those who Eyewitness News spoke with that are homeless say they hope to spend the money on the essentials, food and clothing, in hopes for a better life down the road.

If you know someone who is homeless or who may be in danger of becoming homeless in Monroe County, contact Street2Feet in Stroudsburg to learn how they can become part of the program.