People Brave the Holiday Cold in Lackawanna County



The sun shining a little warmth on those who choose to bear the cold.

“Little bit chilly today. We decided we were going to do one or two laps around and that’s what we will get in today. But yeah, little bit chilly.” Said Mark Bennett of Newton Township.

Mark Bennett, daughter Grace and their six-year-old dog Keara took a stroll in “Hillsidepark” in South Abington Township Monday.

With a day off from school Grace is always happy to get outside.

“Grace: We just get our jackets and hats and go outside.
Cody: That simple?
Grace: Yeah!”

As an aspiring veterinarian Grace understands the importance of keeping your pet warm and keeping them moving for good health.

“It’s not that bad. She just really likes to get outside and walk. So we try and do that when ever we can.”

“Despite the cold we didn’t find anybody out ice skating or ice fishing and that could be… Well because the ice just isn’t.. thick enough.” Cody Butler.

Dominic Keating of Waverly was also braving the cold. “Since my legs are moving and my arms are moving.. you know that’s pretty good.. it’s the extremity of my fingers that bother me the most.”

People like Dominic Keating kept their outdoor activity to just walking.

“I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to do five miles a day but i know if I stop I won’t be better off.”

Dominic told me he likes walking Leggettes Creek because it’s well maintained, especially during the winter… Just bundle up if you go here, there or anywhere.

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